Virtual Assistant

We help you organize your activities and support you in your personal and business tasks.

There is evidence that you need an urgent virtual assistant!

Receive calls

Here our service begins!

Connect your IP phone to your Virtual Assistant so that it handles all incoming calls and does not lose relevant information even when you are busy with other activities. Your Virtual Assistant will notify you about the details of each event that follows the means of your convenience and the schedule of your preference.

If you do not have an IP phone, you can purchase a virtual number from us and there will be no unanswered call.

Schedule Update

We keep the tasks running and the new ones that are incorporated into an effective synchronization with you so that no topics are deleted. Let's organize tasks with you and help you through your progress.


We manage the reserves of all your activities of interest, be they personal or commercial.

Our connection and experience in multi-area reservation management makes virtual staff an excellent ally for booking management.

More productive business meetings

We manage all the resources you should have in your customer and / or supplier meetings so that each meeting yields the expected results.


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