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Microsoft Office Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

With this we do:

• Quotes, budgets and invoices • Dynamic charts for data analysis • Graph and custom reports • Macros
• Data analysis • Corporate presentations • Communications and mailings • And many another things.

Transactional, relational and object oriented databases

Image edition

Retouch your photographs to provide that effect you are looking for and / or correct imperfections of the moment.

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator


We produce the material of your publications (magazines, catalogs and interactive PDFs) either to take the file to the press of your choice or to distribute your digital magazine in Interactive PDF format for the specific sizes of PCs, Tablets or SmartPhones.

• Adobe InDesign

Cloud storage

We connect your applications in the cloud to run business processes and obtain the core information on multiple devices.

• Google Drive • OneDrive • DropBox • Zappier • among others ..

IVR systems (on platform * Asterisk)

We design and implement IVR systems (Interactive Voice Response) to automate the process of incoming calls in your business, channeling to the competition area according to the needs of the moment.

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