Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1Where are they located?
We are based in Venezuela, the United States, Mexico and Colombia.
2What can your Virtual Assistant do?
It is oriented to give satisfactory results of the assigned tasks. For this, it is very important to know your needs in order to assign an AV that can work with each one of your requirements and be able to give effective results in a certain time. In this way, it will be used in full with the hours contracted. Our AV has a set of administrative skills such as: customer service, management of social networks, web and design.
3What does our service include?

Virtual Assistant: We help organize your activities and support you in your personal and business tasks. We manage all the resources you must have on hand in your meetings with clients and / or suppliers so that each meeting yields the expected results.

Back Office: Our team of experts in various disciplines is at your disposal to support you in all the computer tasks you require. The AV assists you in areas such as: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Microsoft Office, Image editing, Publications, Cloud Storage and IVR Systems (on Asterisk platform).

strong> Call Center: We provide you with a robust telecommunications infrastructure to handle all your incoming and outgoing call requirements with 500 bilingual operators at your disposal.

Social Media: We do much more for your followers on social networks. We care not only for the growth of your network but for the interaction of your followers and the engagement of them with your brand and if you are not yet in Social Networks, we take you by the hand in the incursion and in the correct growth with a plan to your measure.

Web: We develop scalable, low maintenance and multi-environment web systems.

4Can I change my Virtual Assistant?
You can request the change of your AV at the time you want, if it does not meet your expectations or there is no chemistry in the way of work.
5How many hours does each package have?
The Test Plan consists of 5 Hours. The other packages: 10-Hour Plan, 20-Hour Plan, 40-Hour Plan and Dedicated Plan that consists of 130 hours. "
6How many websites can I implement per package?
The implementation of websites is valid to develop 01 portal
7How do I communicate with my assistant?

The means of communication with the assistant are:

• Via mail.
• Skype.
• Phone calls.
• Chat in the service application.
8How do I buy the service?

There are two methods of purchase:

• The purchase of any package can be done through the website choosing the one of your preference. Once selected the package you will have access to the cart where you can finish the purchase of it. We have flexible plans without a contract and guaranteed satisfaction. You can select the package that best suits you by just subscribing, choose your payment method (you must have a PayPal account, if you do not have one, you must create it). We accept credit or debit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover).

• The purchase of any package can be made by telephone through the number +52 (55) 770 23 201 for Mexico and / or +58 (212) 626 40 60 for assistance in Colombia and Venezuela. Where, for security reasons, you will be notified of the call with the person in charge of taking your credit card information. I remind you that once we finish the Hiring of your Package the data of your card will be erased automatically. Remember that will never communicate with you to offer you prizes and request personal data or passwords

9How do I know if my purchase became effective?
An email will let you know the successful purchase of your package. In the same way, our system makes a record of said purchase and the assistant is valid and then provides the information to the client if this is necessary.
10How do I know the number of hours I have available?
In the application of our service you can see not only the number of hours I buy, but also its consumption, manager, start date and package completion
11What is the attention hour?
Our hours of operation are working hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. at 06:00 p.m. We provide our services on holidays. The response times will correspond to the package you contracted.
12How can I monitor my time?
We have a Software that counts the time per client and the assigned activities. You can access it at the time you want, as well as make comments or suggestions.
13What if I do not finish consuming my time?
Do not worry, if you have Startup or Business Plans, the cumulative hours can be enjoyed the following month.
14Can I use my email or do you create one for me?
You can use a personal account or if you prefer, we can create an account without any inconvenience
15How do I know the number of hours I have available?
In the application of our service you can see not only the number of hours you buy, but also your consumption, manager, start date and package completion.
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